Travel Industry Suppliers

En Route Travel Canada is a Receptive Tour Operator in the international tourism RV rental segment and represents various products of Canadian and Northern USA tourism suppliers exclusively to overseas tour operators in the international B2B travel trade.

We specialize in organizing an innovative range of flexible pre-booked RV itineraries for independent travelers (FIT) and (guided) groups.

We offer standard or tailor-made itineraries and our end-to-end receptive services include the logistics of planning the route, as well as booking RVs, hotels, campgrounds, tours, activities, attractions, ferries, etc.


At En Route Travel Canada we know the International RV rental industry inside out and are working hard to become the most valued and trusted expert in offering pre-booked and organized RV-itineraries. We realize that suppliers are the foundation of every traveler’s experience. Therefore we are always looking to expand our network of local tourism suppliers who are knowledgeable in their field, offer a high level of safety, quality and service, can cater to RV renters (access and parking of RVs, proximity to public transportation or providing shuttle services), have our guests’ best interests at heart and provide them with an experience they will never forget.

  • We will extend your market reach beyond traditional clients. We have a strong buyer network and are your partner to successfully market your product in the global tourism industry.
  • Besides contacting and visiting you, we willalso visit destinations, marketing organizations and tour operators and attend international and local trade shows regularly.
  • We are highly organized and automated, allowing us to book and reserve your product well in advance of arrival (rather than the typical “last minute” consumer). Products that are booked a long time out and have a higher financial commitment from the visitor, provides predictable cash flow and revenue.
  • Efficient reservation process, as we will be handling the guest’s requests, booking, deposits, payments, etc.
  • Our guests not only travel during peak season, allowing to fill periods of low demand and to optimize utilization.
  • We also work closely with respective Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) to market both the renowned as the off-the-beaten track destinations that are best suited for RV renters.


Please contact us and allow us to represent your product(s).