When you have selected your go-to Destinations and have rented your RV, it is now time to choose your dream Route. Do you want to visit Western Canada and USA with routes through the Rockies, Vancouver Island and the many National and Provincial or State Parks? Or explore the Northern wonders and possibly see the northern lights? Or go East and travel through Ontario or the Maritimes in search of the world friendliest people and Canada’s birthplace?

It is all possible with the Routes from En Route Travel Canada.

Find the route that is right for you:

Vancouver Island Sampler II

En Route on Vancouver Island

Best Of The West

En Route in BC, Alberta, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.


En Route Travel Canada in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Diverse by Nature

En Route in Alberta and BC

Sea to Sky

En Route in Alberta and BC

Western Peaks

En Route in Alberta and BC

Mountains, Badlands and Dinosaurs

En Route in Alberta

Mountain Madness

En Route in BC and Alberta

Surf & Turf

En Route in BC and Alberta

Vancouver Island Sampler I

En Route on Vancouver Island

Mountains and Ocean

En Route in BC and Alberta